Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been stockpiling recipes – especially make ahead, grab and go, freezer to slow cooker ones.  I love love love breakfast foods, but I don’t necessarily enjoy waking up early to make breakfast.  Hoo hoo hoo hooo…

I came across this recipe on  Bagels are a family favorite, but I try to stay away from them since they are typically full of processed, refined white flour and empty calories, which we then like to top with high fat cream cheese.

These bagel bombs are (does anyone else say that anymore?).  I feel better knowing exactly what I put in them.

I used:

Whole Foods premade Pizza Dough in the deli section (I used Trader Joe’s on another occassion and it just didn’t hold up quite as well as Whole Foods’)

egg whites

pancetta (since I didn’t want to waste time cutting my ham into cubes) and

cheese (I had Italian on hand).

You can put anything you want into them – the possibilities are endless.

Boil them for a minute or two, add seasonings, then bake them.  Let them cool and wrap and freeze for an on-the-go meal, or not!  Minutes after the above photo was taken, the hubby and kids decided that they weren’t going to make dinner and ate these instead!

They are delicious, easy, and take a bit of time to prepare, but are well worth it. My next batch I’m going to try a slice of brie with some fig jam…


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