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#1 road trip must have

Just recently, my dear son, Sutton and I drove from Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ so he could compete in the ATA District Championships for the Southwest Region. The competition was on Friday evening.  Of course, we also had an event back home on Saturday morning, so I planned to drive back home after the competition on Friday night.  If you don’t know the drive, it can average about six hours with traffic, five and half hours without.

This trip I seemed to have forgotten my “mom medicine pack” – which usually consists of a sinus medicine, a stomach medicine, band aids, and a couple of cough drops.  And as luck would have it, I needed sinus medicine.

Now, I could have definitely stopped and bought some, but I kept putting it off thinking it would just resolve itself.  Well, it didn’t, so I was in bad shape during the competition.

My son performed to the best of his abilities at Districts (he has only been out of his cast for 2 weeks due to breaking his toe!), but had a lot of fun hanging out with his competition buddies.  When all was said and done, we hit the road at about 9:45pm.

I wasn’t looking forward to the drive- but as you other parents know, you do what you have to for your kids, right?  About a third of the way, my headache started to gain strength and I could feel myself starting to get tired. I didn’t have sinus medicine, but figured I would give my Deep Relief Roller from Young Living Essential Oils a try – anything so I didn’t have to stop!


You roll the oil on the back of your neck.  It’s a cooling peppermint concoction, spurring your senses.  Almost immediately, I could feel the cooling effects, which detracted me from being tired, and the intoxicating smell drove my headache away.      About an hour and a half later, I reapplied as I was getting tired again.  The last hour stretch of my drive I wasn’t tired at all just because of my Deep Relief roller!

We arrived safely at home at 2:15am – a total of four and a half hours.  I credit shaving off some of the time due to being more alert and awake from my oily roller. From now on, I will make sure that I have my Deep Relief nearby.  It will always be my first choice before reaching for any headache medicine!


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