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      Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been stockpiling recipes – especially make ahead, grab and go, freezer to slow cooker ones.  I love love love breakfast foods, but I don’t necessarily enjoy waking up early to make breakfast.…

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    homeschool day @ la brea tarpits

    It’s amazing how a pit of black stinky goo in the middle of Los Angeles can unlock a tremendous amount of discoveries.  That’s what we encountered at the La Brea Tarpits and Museum this past week during their homeschool day!

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    area 10 gu10 champions!

    What a whirlwind weekend!  This weekend my oldest took part in the regional playoffs for San Fernando Valley.  Her team was ranked #1 in their regular season, and #2 in the postseason for their AYSO region (they had a disappointing loss…

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    gene autry museum of the american west

     Yesterday we visited the Gene Autry Museum of the American West.  We have been talking about the Native Americans and the numerous tribes, and learned how and why they were forced and pushed from their lands.  We went a step further…